Exploring Carhartt: A Guide to Vintage Finds and Fashion Trends

Exploring Carhartt: A Guide to Vintage Finds and Fashion Trends

Exploring Carhartt: A Guide to Vintage Finds and Fashion Trends


American company Carhartt was founded in 1889. The company, which has recently seen a spike in popularity among mainstream media, is best recognized for its sturdy, made-in-America workwear. Carhartt makes clothing for workers, but celebrities, social media influencers, and regular people from every field of life also use their products. Carhartt is renowned for its durable coats, stylish beanies, and general premium apparel. The business ships and maintains stores all around the world.


The Evolution of Workwear by Carhartt


In a small loft in Detroit, Michigan, Hamilton Carhartt & Company started manufacturing overalls in 1889 using two stitching machines and a half-horsepower electric engine. This marked the beginning of the Carhartt brand. Following early setbacks, Hamilton conducted market research with trained personnel and designed goods that met their demands.


The Carhartt Bib Overall was introduced with the slogan "honest value for an honest dollar," and it soon rose to prominence as the benchmark for high-quality workwear. Since then, Carhartt has been providing products of outstanding quality to customers worldwide, growing from America for 132 years.


Carhartt has always kept audiences interested by offering unique materials and production processes throughout the years. Major developments enabled the business to produce items that are now fashion statements worn by many people outside of the office.

Carhartt Now

Given the brand's continued prominence in modern society and the fact that Hamilton's great-grandson is now the CEO, it's noteworthy that Carhartt is still family-owned. Carhartt devotes all of its energy to creating durable clothing, and its reputation for excellence has been established by the use of triple seams and densely woven duck canvas fabric.

 Due to their focus on layering and size variety, the brand is successful globally. Carhartt is still heavily influenced by its initial workplace purpose as it continues to offer clothing and accessories. Its now-iconic yellow emblem is noticeable in movies, music videos, streetwear worn by celebrities, and off-duty ensembles.

Carhartt Vintage

Because of Carhartt's indisputable quality, its items may be handed down and worn again by generations, which eventually results in the brand appearing in antique shops. When it comes to durability and longevity, Carhartt is perhaps the first brand that comes to mind when thrifting for jackets, overalls, or carpenter pants. Glass Onion is happy to offer a variety of Carhartt vintage in both our stores and pop-up events. We trust this brand to provide our consumers with an item that will last a lifetime.

What is Carhartt WIP?

A sub-brand of Carhartt's classic workwear line, Carhartt WIP ('Work in Progress') focuses more on adding a modern, stylish turn to these tough, useful essentials. Style-conscious consumers are their target market. Therefore, the clothing lines they carry tend to be more sophisticated than those seen in the original Carhartt collection. The fits are looser and informal, and the fabrics are somewhat softer and cosier. Does this, however, imply that the WIP brand abandons the main brand's emphasis on enduring quality? Not at all.

 Given Carhartt's history in the workwear industry, they apply this principle to their more fashion-forward Carhartt WIP designs. This means that you get the best of both worlds from a business whose main objective is always to create apparel that is sturdy and durable: high-level fashion and effortless comfort. You can still get that feeling of toughness and genuine authenticity from Carhartt workwear, which was so alluring when it first entered the fashion scene with WIP streetwear. But these garments also provide exceptional comfort since their tough exterior is paired with an awareness of the demands of regular casual usage.

What Makes Carhartt WIP so Popular?

With 100 years of history, Carhartt is no newcomer. The thing that makes Carhartt so beautiful is that they have continued to produce the same products from the beginning. Everyone in the US, from railroad workers to city builders, wore their chore jackets, pants, and beanies. However, Carhartt's laid-back branding and unforeseen success have earned them the ultimate 'genuine' title. Anything that buyers seek in today's society. They want companies to be loyal to who they are without going to great lengths to follow the newest trends without caring about the environment.


Because of its uniqueness, Carhartt has an authenticity that other companies haven't been able to match. The most popular diffusion line in the UK, the Carhartt WIP, has had a 50% spike in searches over the last year, while the Carhartt has seen a +22% increase. Combining the classic with the contemporary, Carhartt WIP is mostly known for its streetwear designs. It has collaborated with high-end fashion brands like Marni as well as classic streetwear icons like Patta and BAPE.


The big fits and 90s nostalgia have surely aided the brand's current appeal. Searches for the Detroit Jackets are up 171%, while searches for all things associated with Carhartt are up 91%, as celebrities like Austin Butler and ASAP Rocky have been seen wearing the iconic apparel. Most likely inspired by Tupac Shakur, Easy-E, and Nas, among other hip-hop artists, in the 1990s. Due to its hyper-masculine ideas, Carhartt's tough materials, large jackets, and grit became popular. This was most likely the last Carhartt boom, comparable to the current strong demand for brands like Dickies.


Identifying Vintage vs. New Carhartt

Making the distinction between new and vintage Carhartt products is one of the most interesting aspects of the Carhartt world for both collectors and followers. Gaining a deeper appreciation for the company's history and expertise, as well as improving your sense of style, might come from knowing the details.

Vintage Carhartt Characteristics

Vintage Carhartt pieces are priceless items from the past that perfectly capture the brand's enduring dedication to toughness and practical design. The following are the essential qualities to look for when determining the age of an item:


Tags & Labels: Checking the tags on old Carhartt clothing is one of the easiest methods to identify it. Items from the vintage Carhartt collection sometimes include previous tag layouts and logo designs that are quite different from those on the current line. For example, on the earlier tags, the "Carhartt" script logo may appear, but a block typeface is usually used on later tags. In addition, the tag's colour and material type might reveal it; old tags usually have a less glossy material and a simpler design.


Material and Construction: Vintage Carhartt is made of heavyweight textiles and strong construction. In these items, heavier, stronger materials were selected because they were intended to sustain the high level of human work. Another aspect that stands out is the stitching; vintage Carhartt pieces used more gritted stitching, which is suitable for their origins as work wear. To sum it up, the earlier products tended to focus on industrial function more than fashion and yet they were durable enough.


Style and Design: Carhartt continuously redesigns its clothing to respond to new fashion trends. Vintage items are often less detailed and more functional, with the focus mainly on the overall look. New styles, including different colour palettes and slimmer fits, can come as an addition to new products.
Identifying New Carhartt Items

Modern technology and design components are integrated into new Carhartt products to satisfy the demands of modern wearers. Here are some tips for telling contemporary Carhartt clothing apart from vintage:


Updated Features: Water-repellent textiles and stretch technologies, two examples of contemporary features that improve comfort and usefulness, are often seen in new Carhartt products. These developments are less common in antique items and are in line with recent developments in textile technology.


Limited Editions & Collaborations: Carhartt often works with other designers and businesses to create distinctive, usually limited-edition products. Due to their adherence to current market wants and fashion trends, these items are a certain indication of more recent manufacture.


Care Tags and Country of Origin: In accordance with current labelling regulations, modern Carhartt products will have more thorough care instructions on their tags, which may also mention the nation of production. Antique pieces often come from the USA and may not have as thorough care labels.

Why is Carhartt Trending?


The factor of a few things is what has made Carhartt popular for a long and trendy. To begin with, the brand is known to appeal to different groups of people, including lovers of streetwear as well as the working class, who value durability and value. However, the diversification of Carhartt into pop culture, particularly in media and entertainment, also increases its crossover status. This is especially evident in the way celebrities and influencers show off the timelessness and versatility of the brand's apparel when they wear it in public.


Not only that, but Carhartt has successfully brought about modern fashion trends while still paying reverence to its legacy that today's shoppers who love styles and authenticity widely appreciate. Eco-conscious customers are attracted to the brand as they are committed to environmental sustainability through the use of organic cotton and encouraging recyclable materials. These actions also follow the recent trend of ethical and sustainable fashion. Collectively these factors have upheld Carhartt's original status as well as updated its look to the one appealing to a vast audience looking for reliability, quality, and style in their clothing.



 The fact that Carhartt is not only high quality and useful but capable of crossing generational boundaries and keeping itself in fashion makes its long-lasting popularity evident. Carhartt has done well to combine comfort, style and ruggedness from its rough workwear beginnings and its ascension to streetwear prominence. The business maintains its commitment to quality and the development of the community as it upgrades and expands, including the protection of the environment and catering to a wide range of consumers. Ahead, Carhartt will remain a choice brand for those who want actual, real work clothing that portrays a blend of classic feelings and modern tastes.


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